Can I Just Replace my Outside AC Condenser Unit?

If your AC condenser unit is not working, you may be tempted just to replace the outside unit. However, there are several reasons why this may not be a good idea. In this blog post, we’ll go over four reasons why you shouldn’t just replace the outside unit and what you should do if your outdoor unit is not working.

Why Replacing an Outside Unit is Probably Not the Best Move

Compatibility Issues

Compatibility issues are the first reason you shouldn’t just replace your outside unit. If your current unit is more than 10 years old, the chances are that the compressor is not compatible with a new outdoor unit. You’ll either have to replace the entire system or make other costly modifications.

Warranty Void

Replacing just your outdoor unit can also void your warranty. Most manufacturers require the entire system to be replaced for the warranty to remain valid. So, if you’re considering replacing just the outdoor unit, check with the manufacturer first.

Risk of Havoc

Another reason you shouldn’t replace just your outside unit is the risk of havoc. If something goes wrong with the installation, you could be left with a big mess on your hands. Furthermore, if the new unit is not correctly integrated with the rest of your AC system, it could lead to performance issues.


Replacing just your outdoor unit can be pretty costly. Sometimes, it can cost almost as much as replacing the entire system. Therefore, if your AC condenser unit is not working, you may want to consider other options before just replacing the outdoor unit.

Premature Cooling Failures

Finally, replacing just your outdoor unit can lead to premature cooling failures. If the new unit is not correctly matched to the indoor unit, it can cause an imbalance in the system, leading to cooling problems. So, while replacing your outdoor unit may seem like a quick and easy fix, weighing all potential risks before deciding is essential.

Are there any exceptions? 

The only time when replacing the outside unit may be acceptable is if it’s under warranty and the inside unit is still working correctly. In this case, you would only need to replace the part under warranty, not the entire system. However, we still recommend consulting a professional before proceeding with this option. 

What To Do If Your AC Condenser Unit Is Not Working 

If your outdoor AC condenser unit is not working correctly, you can do a few things before calling a professional. First, check to see if anything is blocking the airflow. Second, check for any signs of damage, such as cracks or leaks. Third, make sure that all of the electrical connections are secure. And fourth, check the thermostat settings to make sure they’re correct.

If none of these solve the problem, it’s time to call an AC professional. Putting off repairs will only make the situation worse and end up costing you more money in the long run. 


In conclusion, we do not recommend just replacing your outdoor AC condenser unit for several reasons. It can lead to compatibility issues, balance problems with your refrigerant levels, void your warranty, and cause other issues. If your outdoor unit isn’t working, we recommend scheduling a repair or replacement with a professional AC company as soon as possible so you can stay cool all summer long!

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